Boxing gloves ADIDAS Speed ​​Tilt 350V PRO - white - Weight of gloves: 12oz

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Innovative Tilt Design construction for optimal hand position when hitting. More

Product code: P00399-2


  • Made from sustainable cactus leather
  • The innovative Tilt Design keeps the joints aligned
  • One-piece inner lining
  • Perfect wrist protection
  • Velcro fastening


The innovative Tilt Design keeps the joints in one plane, allowing for gradual engagement of the joints. It helps the fist maintain a neutral position without forcing it to radially deviate.
Single-mold construction protects against injury when wrist is extended or flexed. It uses a multi-layer foam construction with different densities that allows for great shock absorption and protects your knuckles and fist from damage during longer training sessions in the boxing gym. The gloves have a wide velcro fastening system at the wrist that allows for strong wrist support. These boxing / kickboxing gloves are made from high quality vegan cactus leather which gives them a long lasting and durable exterior.

Please refer to the following information to select the appropriate size:

Boxer weight Gloves weight
38 - 55 kg 10 oz
55 - 65 kg 12 oz
65 - 85 kg 14 oz
> 85 kg 16 oz
Material Cactus skin
Color GoldWhite