Website Terms of Use

Legal relationship and general notices

1.1.  Efficiency. These terms of use of the website are effective from 25 February 2022.
1.2.  Website. For the purposes of this document, our website means the collection of all web pages that make up our website operated at and all subpages.
1.3.  Service. For the purposes of this document, the Service means the information society service that you use by using our website and whose provider is the business company ROK corp s.r.o., with its registered office at Lipůvka No. 350, 679 22 Lipůvka, ID No. 14235251, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, Insert 127314, Tax ID No. CZ14235251 (for the purposes of this document referred to as "we" or corresponding terms). By using the Service, a legal relationship is created between us and the recipient of the Service (for the purposes of this document referred to as "you" or corresponding terms).
1.4.  Web content. For the purposes of this document, the web content that we supply to you as part of the service means all data that you receive from us based on your request made via your web browser, in particular text, images, but also the source code of pages.
1.5.  Scope of service provision. There is no guaranteed minimum scope for the provision of this service. The service may be temporarily or permanently unavailable, in whole or in part. Its user interface, appearance, or functionality may change or be removed at our unilateral discretion, subject to no prior notice.
1.6.  Price of the service. The service is provided by us free of charge. You pay for the technical equipment, software and connectivity to this service.
1.7.  Reservation of change of conditions. These Terms of Use may be changed and updated from time to time. It is your responsibility to review the current version of these Terms and Conditions before using the Web Content..
1.8.  General restrictions. You are prohibited from using any means to breach or circumvent the security measures associated with this Service or our other services, related and other Internet services and sites, or computer networks.
1.9.  Disclaimer. To the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree that we will not be liable for any damages that you may incur in connection with this service and agree to limit the amount of any such damages to CZK 0.


2.1.  License Exclusion. If the Web Content is a copyrighted work in whole or in part, and unless otherwise indicated for a particular component of the Web Content, we do not grant you a license to the Web Content and you may not use the Web Content without our express permission outside of legal limitations and exceptions.
2.2.  Database rights. You are not authorized to extract or otherwise use our databases without our express permission. In addition, you agree to refrain from similar conduct with respect to such of our databases that do not enjoy copyright protection.
2.3.  References. If you link to the Website, you acknowledge that you may not provide third parties with a link that circumvents our security or means of controlling the distribution of content, such as links available only to logged-in users. In addition, in all cases, we reserve the right to change the structure and content of the website or to introduce new or modify existing means of content control, which may result in the non-functionality of content previously obtained by you. You acknowledge that you are not entitled to compensation for any damages in such a case.

User account

3.1.  Definition. User account means a record in our database and the data associated with it; it is determined by a login name and password used for authentication. Personal data may be associated with a user account, and where the user account represents a legal entity, this personal data identifies the natural person acting on its behalf.
3.2.  User account usage. Some parts of the Service may be tied to access to a user account. In this case, it is necessary to register for a user account, which is subject to the registration terms set out below.
3.3.  User Account Registration Terms. By registering you agree to the following terms and conditions:
3.3.1.  We will register you on the basis of your request submitted via the web form located on the website, provided that you provide all the required information and agree to these terms and conditions of registration.
3.3.2.  One email address can only be used for one user account.
3.3.3.  The Provider reserves the right to refuse registration.
3.3.4.  The user account is used, among other things, to communicate and deal with us. It is your responsibility to ensure that only you or a person authorized by you has access to your user account. The actions of such person within the User Account shall be deemed to be acting as an agent.
3.3.5.  As part of system maintenance, we may delete or merge inactive and duplicate user accounts.
3.3.6.  V in the event of a breach of your obligations under this document, we have the right to terminate or restrict the provision of the service to you, for example by blocking your user account, deleting it or preventing you from accessing the website.