Boxing gloves ADIDAS Speed ​​Tilt 250 - red - Weight of gloves: 10oz

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Experience a revolution in boxing training with the SPEED TILT 250 boxing gloves. More

Product code: P00396-10


  • The innovative Tilt Design keeps the joints aligned
  • One-piece inner lining
  • It helps to hold the hand correctly
  • The inner padding optimally covers the sensitive parts of the hand
  • Made from a combination of genuine and synthetic leather


The padding of the gloves consists of several layers of foam, thanks to which the impact on the hands and joints is reduced. This ensures exceptional comfort and protection. Thanks to the double velcro fastening, your wrist is perfectly supported. These (kick) boxing gloves are also suitable for advanced fighters.

Thanks to the correct shape of the glove, which is ergonomically shaped, adidas TILT provides optimal support for the correct hand position during each stroke. The material combination of genuine leather and high-quality synthetic leather guarantees durability and a long service life of the gloves.

The thumb of the gloves is firmly attached to the main part, which serves as a prevention against injury to this often stressed part of the hand. With the adidas TILT 250, you'll be ready to perform at the highest level, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fighter. Gain an edge over your opponents and take your training to the next level with these innovative boxing gloves.

For the correct selection of the size, follow the table:

Boxer weight Weight of gloves
38 - 55 kg 10 oz
55 - 65 kg 12 oz
65 - 85 kg 14 oz
> 85 kg 16 oz

Material Real leather, Synthetic leather
Color RedWhite