Boxing gloves FAIRTEX BGV9 Mexican Style - Weight of gloves: 10oz

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Fairtex Mexican Style BGV9 combine great Thai experience with the typical characteristics of Mexicans boxing gloves. More

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- Made of genuine leather
- Flat Mexican "Heavy Hitter" style construction
- Ergonomic design
- Very close fit
- Padding: Three-layer PUR and latex foam with additional padding in the joint area.
- Fastening the extended cuff with Velcro
- Water-repellent lining: prevents sweat from penetrating the padding
- More curved, connected thumb
- Handmade in Thailand


The Fairtex Mexican Style BGV9 boxing gloves combine great Thai experience with the typical characteristics of Mexicans boxing gloves . Featuring a triple layer latex foam core system around the knuckle strike area with evenly distributed weight from wrist to glove head. Extra long cuff with triple hem for added comfort and wrist support. Ergonomically designed with a unique contoured and close-fitting hand compartment design that ensures a secure and tight fit. Made from premium leather with Fairtex's signature three-layer foam system for superior hand and knuckle protection and shock absorption. Long cuff with velcro fastening provides wrist support and stability. The special construction of the Fairtex Mexican Style boxing gloves will help you make a fist with less strain on your hands. They are designed for boxing, Muay Thai and Kick Boxing.

Product care

Allow to dry thoroughly after use. Do not expose to heat sources. Wash gently with a damp cloth. Not machine washable.

Material Real leather
Color YellowBlack

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