Boxing gloves ADIDAS Hybrid 80 - Pink - Weight of gloves: 12oz

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Adidas Hybrid 80 boxing gloves made of high quality PU synthetic leather. More

Product code: P00453-2


• Durable eco-leather
• Solid multi-layer padding
• Ventilation panels
• Velcro closure, width 7.5 cm
• Nylon lining inside the gloves
• Anatomically pre-shaped for the fist
• Classic style, glossy finish
• Suitable for Thai/kickboxing and classic boxing.

When training, always use bandages or inner gloves to strengthen and protect your hands.

Adidas Hybrid 80 (Kick) boxing gloves are gloves made of synthetic leather (PU5G) for high protection and optimal comfort. The padding of the glove consists of several foam layers. This ensures exceptional comfort and protection. The long velcro closure ensures good wrist support. Thanks to the anatomical pre-shaped model, your blows will be fast and hard. The gloves are suitable for any fighter who is looking for high-end gloves with the latest technology.

Material Synthetic leather
Color Black