ADIDAS Combat 50 boxing gloves

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42,60 EUR

The Combat 50 boxing gloves are made of durable FLX 3.0 leather and combine style, protection and comfort. More

Product code: P00407


  • Made of FLX 3.0 synthetic leather
  • The inside of the glove is made of mesh
  • Quick drying lining
  • Wide cuff for good wrist stabilization
  • Velcro fastening


The adidas Combat 50 gloves are made from FLX 3.0 synthetic leather and are padded with a firm foam lining. The long, durable velcro provides optimal wrist support, a key element for safe and effective combat training. The palm of the gloves is made entirely of 3D mesh, which not only provides excellent ventilation, but also allows for quick moisture wicking, helping to keep your hands dry and comfortable throughout your training. The adidas Combat 50 gloves are designed with the needs of both beginners and advanced boxers in mind. They are ideal for amateurs looking for gloves with solid padding, which is a key element to protect against impacts and injuries during training.

Please refer to the following information to select the appropriate size:

< 30 kg : 6 oz
30 - 38 kg : 8 oz
38 - 55 kg : 10 oz
55 - 65 kg : 12 oz
65 - 85 kg : 14 oz
> 85 kg : 16 oz

Material Synthetic leather
Color GreenBlack