Training MMA Gloves ADIDAS Grappling - Black/White - Size: XL

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✅ Innovative fixed Velcro
✅ Made of genuine cowhide leather
✅ Duraflex compression foam with gel
✅ Designed for quality training purposes

Product code: P00604-1

The Adidas GrapplingTraining MMA gloves guarantee quality training and optimal protection. Their design has been specially designed for maximum comfort and effectiveness of your training. These gloves are made of genuine leather, which guarantees their flexibility and high resistance to moisture. Padded with high-compression Duraflex gel foam, they offer excellent shock absorption to minimize the risk of injury and ensure comfort throughout your training.

Tight Velcro provides stable and comfortable wrist support, which reduces joint strain and contributes to proper posture during exercise. This combination of features makes these gloves an ideal choice for bothbeginners and advanced fighters. With adidas MMA gloves you not only get top quality, but also the credibility of the Adidas brand, official partner of the German, Austrian and Polish boxing associations, and AIBA partner. Be ready to reach your peak and achieve success with these professional MMA gloves from Adidas.


✔ Made of genuine leather for maximum flexibility and moisture resistance
✔ Padded with high compression Duraflex foam with gel for superior shock absorption and comfort
✔ Innovative fixed velcro closure for stable and comfortable wrist support, reduces joint stress
✔ Designed for quality training purposes with an emphasis on comfort and protection
✔ Official partner of the German, Austrian and Polish Boxing Associations, and AIBA partner, ensuring brand credibility

To choose the right size, please see the following table

Size  S M L XL
Circumference of the palm in cm 18 - 20 20 - 22 22 - 24 More than 24 

Material Real leather
Color BlackWhite