Suspender REVGEAR Essential - white - Size: XL

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✅ Supensor for combat sports
✅ Ideal for groin and abdominal protection
✅ Synthetic material and cotton
✅ Washable after removing the plastic protector
✅ Special curved design
✅ Elasticated waistband for a comfortable fit

Product code: P00593-5

Designed to provide optimal support and comfort. The Revgear suspender is an ideal choice for active individuals looking for reliable protection. Molded plastic frame with vinyl trim provides a sturdy construction that ensures a stable and secure hold. Two vents allow air to flow, helping to maintain natural ventilation and comfort.

Using an almost 8cm wide elastic band, the suspender is easily adjustable, which guarantees a comfortable and safe wearing for different sizes. Made from 50% cotton, the double knit bag is designed to provide maximum support and protection. This bag is ideal for holding and supporting the body during various sports activities or demanding physical activities.

Product This product cannot be returned for hygienic reasons.

Material Mixed fabric, Polyester
Color White