Sparring boxing head gear ADIDAS Speed Super PRO - Size: XL

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✅ High quality
✅ Increased protection
✅ Easy setup
✅ Down synthetic leather
✅ Effective cushioning
✅ Inner lining and moisture wicking

Product code: P00603-3

This helmet is designed for maximum safety and comfort. The forehead and ears are carefully padded for added protection, while the wide Velcro closure allows for quick and precise adjustment when needed. Made from synthetic leather, the Adidas Speed Super Pro Training HG offers durability and longevity. Its PU fabric and PU lining construction offers targeted protection, while the EVA foam layer provides optimal shock absorption for every workout. The inner liner makes this helmet comfortable to wear and effectively wicks away moisture, improving overall comfort even during long training sessions. The Adidas Speed Super Pro Training Head Gear boxing helmet offers reliable protection and comfort during training.

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✔ High quality: Precision craftsmanship for maximum protection
✔ Enhanced protection: Special padding on forehead and ears
✔ Easy adjustment: Wide Velcro closure for quick adjustment
✔ Durable material: Synthetic leather for durability
✔ Effective cushioning: Constructed with PU fabric, PU lining and EVA foam
✔ Comfortable fit: Inner lining and moisture wicking
✔ Sleek design: Black and gold colour for style

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Material Synthetic leather
Color Black