SISU Go mouth guard

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Royal Blue Go
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Charcoal Black Go

12,30 EUR

The new SISU GO - smaller size, lower price, discreet and comfortable mouth guard. More

Product code: P00278

Smaller in size and price, the all-new SISU GO is a thin, flexible mouth guard that's built to be discreet and comfortable while protecting the areas where most dental injuries occur. The SISU GO protector is equipped with Diffusix™ technology, thanks to which the perforations in the SISU GO protector oscillate upon impact and disperse forces into the deformation zones. Perforations also allow natural air and saliva flow, allowing athletes to talk, breathe and drink in sports where communication and hydration are key.

Product details:

  • No pre-shaping - the flat shape allows perfect copying of the shape of the dental arch
  • Discreet shortened and slim dimensions
  • Re-formable (up to 20x)
  • Thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Recommended age: over 7 years (not suitable for braces users)
  • Non-toxic: free of BPA, BPS, latex, PVC, phthalates
  • CE certification
  • Especially suitable for boxing, hockey, basketball, football and other team, contact and combat sports

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