Shaving protectors YOKKAO Matrix - pink

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Shin guards are essential equipment for contact sports such as Thai boxing, kick boxing, MMA and others. More

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That's why Yokkao created the Matrix shin guards, whose ergonomic shape, three layers of highly resistant composite foam and precise hand-crafting, together with the anti-slip interior, will protect you perfectly and you will be able to stay calm during sparring.

The Matrix protectors are made of premium cowhide, which is lined with high-quality fabric that prevents rapid damage to the material. It is pleasant to wear and absorbs sweat well. The filling consists of three layers of composite foam, which perfectly absorbs shocks, so that the protection is as effective as possible. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it perfectly follows the shape of the shin and instep. Design elements are chosen so that the protectors do not restrict movement. Yokkao Matrix protectors stand out above all for their 100% manual processing and the high quality of the materials used. They are made by professionals in Thailand.

Detail informations:

  • Low weight
  • Professional handmade production
  • High quality cowhide
  • Three-layer foam padding
  • Unique Yokkao design
  • Durable fastening straps
  • Ergonomic shape for high comfort
  • Non-slip interior for stability
  • Velcro fastening
  • Made in Thailand

Care of protectors:

Since they are made from cowhide, they are susceptible to damage from the salts and acids contained in sweat. Simple principles of care for them can significantly extend their lifespan. It is important to wipe the protectors from the outside and inside after each training, it is possible to use soapy water and then let them dry slowly. Drying near a heat source or in direct sunlight is not suitable. We also recommend treating the protectors with a skin preparation.

About the brand:

Yokkao is a leading Thai brand renowned for its innovative premium quality products. It is popular with fighters who are among the best in the world. Their products combine the use of traditional craftsmanship, the most modern methods and many years of testing not only in gyms among amateurs, but also in the ring during professional matches. The special test group is the Yokkao wrestling team based in Bangkok, which consists of the best Muay Thai fighters. It is they who test all products in authentic conditions.

All Yokkao wrestling gear is designed for your peak performance in sparring, competition and everyday training in and out of the gym. It is ideal for Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing or for intensive cardio training.

Material Real leather, Mixed fabric
Color Pink