RIVAL RS1 Ultra Sparring Gloves 2.0 - Red

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217 EUR

🥊Lace-up sparring gloves RS1
🥊The perfect combination of comfort and protection
🥊Multi-layered padding
🥊Sloping cuff design
🥊Use of modern technologies in production
🥊Microfibre leather

Product code: P00475

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Angled cuff for effective wrist support

Special angled cuff for erfect wrist support - withAngled Lace Track system. This unique and original innovation not only offers a new and dynamic way of adjusting the wrist circumference size, but will also provide the perfect "lacing" that offers the best fit and stability. The Ergo LaceTrack system has become a defining feature of the entire Rival range. Choose superior wrist protection.

Dproduct details:

The Rival RS are made of durable microfiber and provide maximum protection and comfort during training. Thanks to the multilayered, high-density foam padding, your hands are protected from impacts and shocks. The Rival Ergo Lace Track system ensures optimal support and fixation of the wrist, increasing control over movement and bringing stability. The tapered cuff design and soft foam inner lining ensure a comfortable and stable fit for your hand and wrist. These gloves are suitable for sparring, lap training and bag work, providing you with the necessary support and protection for every exercise.

Because a layered combination of foams are used in the production of sparring gloves, as well as varying densities, we strongly recommend that you "try on" your new sparring gloves on the bag and/or in the punching gloves for at least 10 to 20 rounds before using them in sparring.

Recommendations for choosing a scale:

For choosing the appropriate glove size, we recommend the circumference of the hand as the main guideline. Unlike other glove brands, Rival boxing gloves have a narrower cut. The weight of the boxing glove should only serve as an additional guide. All measurements and weights are approximate and serve as a reference. If you need help with your selection, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

Size Weight of the boxer Circumference of the palm Weight of the glove
S 40 - 55 kg 14 - 16,5 cm 12 oz
M 55 - 69 kg 16,5 - 19 cm 14 oz.
L 69 - 84 kg 19 - 21,5 cm 16 oz
XL More than 84 kg 21,5 - 24 cm 18 oz.
Material Synthetic leather
Color Red