Boxing gloves REVGEAR S5 All Rounder - Black/Yellow

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✅ Protectors, bags and sparring... REVGEAR S5 gloves can do it all!
✅ Material: leather
✅ Slim design
✅ Multi-layered padding
✅ Perfect thumb position
✅ Medium length cuff
✅ Ventilation holes on the palm
✅ Available in 10, 12, 14 and 16 oz
✅ Several color options

Product code: P00582

Protectors, bags and sparring... REVGEAR S5 gloves can do it all! For training in modern combat sports, boxing gloves are essential to handle a wide range of exercises and combat situations. While many professional fighters use different types of gloves to suit their needs, we know that it's not always practical to wear multiple sets of gloves for training.

That's why REVGEAR spent two years developing the S5 All Rounder boxing gloves and created the perfect product for every situation. They worked with top fighters and trainers to design these gloves, including World Muay Thai champion Juan Cerventes and UFC champion Eddie Cha.

Style and fit

The S5 All Rounder gloves have a classic look with attractive curves that combine the elegance of Mexican-style gloves with an ergonomic design for better knuckle protection. The wrist is designed to provide wearing comfort as well as good support.


Thanks to the stiffer padding and secure thumb position, the S5 gloves provide excellent protection for both the wearer and their sparring partners. Juan Cerventes, ONE FC fighter and Muay Thai World Champion, confirmed after a year of testing that the gloves provide excellent protection even after heavy use.


The entire construction of the S5 All Rounder gloves is made of premium leather, which guarantees long life and durability. The inner lining provides comfort during training, while the thick multi-layer padding ensures safety and protection.


✔ Slim design
✔ Quality construction in premium leather
✔ Deep multi-layer padding for joint protection
✔ Perfect thumb position
✔ Medium length wrist with Velcro closure for easy use
✔ Ventilation hole on palm for better sweat wicking
✔ Available in 10, 12, 14 and 16 oz weights
✔ Several color options

Material Real leather
Color GreyBlack