REVGEAR Pinnacle Boxing Gloves - black/gold - Weight of gloves: 12oz

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✅ Lightweight construction with excellent weight distribution
✅ Padded palm
✅ Multi-layer foam padding
✅ Mesh palm panel
✅ Material: synthetic leather

Product code: P00515-3

The Revger Pinnacle is the ideal basic boxing glove if you are new to boxing or need gloves for fitness boxing. These gloves are manufactured to the same high specifications as Revgear's professional range of gloves, ensuring superior performance and protection in every workout.

Key features

  • Professional quality: manufactured to the same specifications as Revgear professional gloves, with the same multi-layer padding, construction and Velcro closure.
  • Optimal ventilation: mesh palm panel provides excellent breathability and comfort, keeping your hands dry and fresh.
  • Maximum wrist support.
  • Stylish design: modern, high-tech synthetic materials and stylish appearance.

Comfort and practical use

REVGEAR Pinnacle is designed to fit you perfectly. The multi-layer foam padding conforms to your joints and offers plenty of room to wrap your hands, while the ventilation strip on the palm ensures comfort and breathability. The Velcro closure makes putting on and taking off the gloves quick and easy, ideal for quick changes between activities at the gym.

Durability and durability

With high-quality foam padding and advanced high-tech synthetic materials, REVGEAR Pinnacle gloves are designed to withstand even the toughest workouts. The ventilation strip helps the gloves dry quickly after training, while the contoured design with a solid thumb ensures optimal alignment and a secure grip.


  • Lightweight design: excellent weight distribution for better control and performance.
  • High-Tech Synthetic Construction.
  • Padded palm: Provides comfort and protection during training.
  • Solid Thumb: Shaped design for a secure and firm grip.
  • Multi-layer foam padding: provides excellent protection and shock absorption.
  • High quality synthetic leather.

Choose REVGEAR Pinnacle boxing gloves and experience superior performance, comfort and protection in every workout. These gloves are the perfect combination of style, function and durability - ideal for any boxer.

Material Synthetic leather
Color GoldBlack