Shin guards REVGEAR Muay Thai - blue - Size: XS

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✅ For light sparring
✅ Full compliance with amateur (IFMA) Muay Thai rules
✅ "Sock" design
✅ Universal use
✅ Shock absorption
✅ Ankle and instep protection
✅ Sizes for youth and adults

Product code: P00568-1

Revgear Muay Thai Shin Guards are suitable for light sparring and amateur Muay Thai rules. Ergonomic design ensures a perfect fit to the shin area. With their "sock" design, they are easy to put on and provide a comfortable fit while maintaining freedom of movement. This versatility is appreciated not only in Muay Thai, but also in light sparring in MMA where they can be a key element for limited grappling.

Impact absorption and protection around the ankle and instep are priorities of these pads, which helps minimize the risk of injury. However, it is important to note that these pads are designed primarily for light and amateur sparring. If your main goal is intense sparring of heavier weights, we recommend choosing from the classic shin guards. With full compliance to amateur (IFMA) Muay Thai rules, these pads are available in multiple sizes to suit a wide range of ages from youth to adult. Ensure protection and comfort with Revgear Amateur Muay Thai shin guards and keep yourself safe while training.


✔ Ergonomically designed shin guards for light sparring and amateur Muay Thai rules
✔ "Sock" design for easy fitting and comfortable wearing
✔ Universal use also suitable for light sparring in MMA with limited grappling
✔ Shock absorption and ankle and ankle protection to minimize injury
✔ Full compliance with amateur (IFMA) Muay Thai rules
✔ Available in three sizes for youth and adult

Material Mixed fabric, Polyester
Color WhiteBlue