Muay Thai shorts REVGEAR Legends Koi - Black/Pink - Size: S

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✅ Wide elastic waistband
✅ Side slits
✅ Loose leg cut
✅ Authentic Muay Thai embroidery
✅ High quality sublimated print
✅ 100% lightweight polyester satin

Product code: P00526-3

The Revgear Legends line combines the cutting edge modern style of Muay Thai with a deep respect for the traditions and cultures behind this stunning martial art. The shorts are designed with an emphasis on functionality and comfort.

The traditional waist width ensures that the shorts stay in place and provide a secure feel during training or a match. The slim cut gets rid of the uncomfortable bulk of shorts from the old era, but still leaves plenty of room for free movement like kicks, squats and knees. The lightweight polyester satin material adds lightness to the shorts and maintains their signature shine that has been a favorite among top fighters for decades.

The shorts are decorated with authentic Muay Thai embroidery and a quality sublimated print. Details combine classic style with modern elegance. Be inspired by the demon, protector of Thai temples, and bring his strength and humility into your training and performances. Enjoy unrestricted movement and a secure fit thanks to the traditional elastic waistband, which will give you confidence and comfort in all situations.


✔ Authentic Muay Thai embroidery
✔ Wide legs for unrestricted movement
✔ Traditional elastic waistband for a secure fit
✔ 100% lightweight polyester satin

Significance of the Koi symbol: The Koi is a beautiful and graceful fish that becomes a dragon once it completes its adolescence. A warrior that walks silently but hides its strength, the Koi represents unlimited potential.

Material Polyester satin
Color BlackPink