REVGEAR F1 Competitor Professional Boxing Gloves - Black - Weight of gloves: 10oz

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The F1 glove is currently the official fight glove of the world-famous LIONFIGHT muay thai promotion More

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The REVGEAR F1 Competitor Gloves have earned their reputation for their slim design and excellent weight distribution, which is key in the ring. Their Mexican-style full-leather construction with lace-up not only provides impact power, but wrist protection as well. The work on these gloves was nothing short of perfection. REVGEAR has spent 10 long years developing the F1 Competitor model in collaboration with top athletes and coaches such as Juan Cervantes or Joey Rodriguez to achieve optimal results. These gloves are approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for professional wrestling and are used by top organizations such as Lion Fight or Victory.

Their full-length wrist lacing provides exceptional protection and stability, while thick foam knuckle padding minimizes the risk of injury without affecting impact power. Full leather construction made of premium leather and strong seams ensure high impact resistance. These gloves are not only functional but also stylish. Their elegant design combined with quality workmanship and top-quality materials make them a popular choice among boxing and kickboxing professionals. In addition, they are available in different sizes and classic colors, so everyone can find their own style.

If you're looking for gloves that not only give you a competitive edge, but also confidence in your gear, the REVGEAR F1 Competitor Gloves are the right choice. These are the gloves that will help you achieve victory and prepare you for every next match.


  • Slim design with excellent weight distribution
  • Full construction of premium leather00
  • Highly durable layered foam padding on the joints
  • Perfect thumb position
  • Full length wrist lacing for exceptional protection and stability
  • Strong seams for high impact resistance
  • Approved by the NSAC for professional matches


F1 is sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for Professional Racing and used by Lion Fight, Victory, Duel Grand Prix and other top organizations.


The F1 Competitor boxing gloves are sleek and stylish, but meant for the ring. When you step out in them, you'll feel ready for any opponent. Full wrist lacing for a tight but comfortable fit with no gaps. Knuckle protection adapts perfectly to your hands using tape and gauze to create a seamless, uniform fist that feels natural yet protected. Available in a range of classic colours, the REVGEAR F1 is in your corner until the final gong, making it a favorite among boxers and kick-boxers alike.


The F1 model is built with thick foam padding on the knuckles to prevent injury, but is slim enough to ensure you land a knockout punch with every punch. Lacing along the entire length of the wrist keeps the hand and arm in perfect alignment, giving you the confidence that your wrist won't spin during powerful blows to the head and body of your opponent. Even if you catch an elbow when hitting the liver, you won't have to worry about taking the power out of follow-up punches.


The REVGEAR F1 Competitor gloves feature a full leather construction of high quality leather, layered foam padding and a long protective wrist that distributes weight evenly throughout the gloves. The tight stitching and quality construction of the glove will give you everything you could want from a competition glove.

Material Real leather
Color Black