MMA Gloves REVGEAR Challenger Pro Series - black - Size: XL

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✅ All-leather construction
✅ Gel filling
✅ Open palm and thumb
✅ Wider Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop closure
✅ Material: cowhide leather

Product code: P00576-5

The REVGEAR CHALLENGER 4OZ MMA gloves are designed for combat and are a combination of classic and modern, using classic cut thumbless gloves while adding modern innovations in cushioning materials.These gloves are made from 100% soft cowhide and require virtually no break-in time, making them an ideal glove to purchase right before the race 

Their gel padding provides excellent protection for fighters' hands and adapts instantly to the shape of the hand. Unlike many cheaper gloves, the fingertips are trimmed with leather and the wrist straps are made of soft cowhide and feature quality Velcro to extend the life of the glove. For MMA competition, as well as training and sparring, there is no better fighting glove on the market today.


✔ Full leather construction
✔ Open palm and thumb
✔ Innovative gel padding for maximum joint protection
✔ Wider Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop closure
✔ Material: Leather

Material Real leather
Color Black