MMA gloves RDX T6 - blue

Fight like a pro! Professional MMA gloves RDX T6 are approved by the Swedish Federation of Mixed Martial Arts FIGMMA - Federazione Italiana Grappling Mixed Martial Arts. More

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Take full advantage of these grappling gloves. They are made to provide comfort with the maximum possible degree of protection and control during every match. Maya Hide™ high-quality artificial leather surface resists wear and tear. The triple-layered Shell Shock™ low-density Equilibrium Sheet gel effectively absorbs shock and protects your joints. Precise hand production ensures excellent adhesion. Palm-O™ Open ensures perfect grip and ventilation. The elastic inner wrist strap along with the Quick-EZ Hook-and-loop provides advanced wrist protection and secures it perfectly for a more accurate shot.

Product details:

  • Made with premium Maya Hide™ synthetic leather for comfort and long-lasting performance.
  • GEL EFFICAX LINING™ for perfect cushioning and protection in the ring
  • Shell Shock™ Shock-absorbing Gel Equilibrium Sheet™
  • Palm-O™ Open Palm Design for perfect grip and ventilation
  • Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-loop for a secure fit and best wrist protection
  • Shaped finger loops make it easy to clench your hand into a fist
  • Durable reinforced construction
  • Perfectly fitting cut

Size selection:

To get the best fit for your gloves, measure the circumference of your hands just below the knuckles. It is best to measure both hands and use the larger size when choosing the size, then compare it with the measurements in the table found in the images below the product. You can also contact us, we will be happy to help you with your selection.

Sizes S, M are recommended as a size suitable for the age category from 14 years or for women.


So that your gloves retain their properties, we have a few tips for you. Since the gloves are made of artificial leather, they are susceptible to damage caused by the salts and acids contained in sweat. Therefore, after each training session, wipe them from the outside and let them dry freely. You can also use a glove deodorizer, which will significantly speed up drying. Never dry them directly near a heat source or in the sun, high temperatures irreversibly damage the skin and the materials used for fillings.

About the brand:

The British company RDX Sports was founded in 1999 in Manchester. The main reason for its creation was to create European competition for American, Japanese and Mexican martial arts-oriented brands. These brands did not meet the needs of the average British fighter in terms of price or quality. Therefore, RDX has gone its own way and succeeds in further developing the idea of ​​combat sports and fitness. Today, it is a leading British brand whose high-quality and sophisticated products, at affordable prices, are known all over the world.

Material Synthetic leather
Color Blue