RDX HW Professional boxing hand wraps

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Bandages made of specially reinforced fabric with Carbon Fiber admixture offer more comprehensive protection against injuries and high resistance. More

Product code: P00058

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RDX HW professional are 4.5 meters long and have a thumb loop for easy attachment. The velcro fastening ensures perfect wrist support. Boxing bandages are durable and strong, the material is slightly flexible, thanks to which your hands will be more strengthened and even better protected.

RDX HW professional hand bandages are suitable for effective hand protection. You can use them with any gloves. You can use them not only in classic boxing, MMA, fit boxing, but also in other combat sports. They are exceptional due to their high-quality, innovative processing and selection of durable materials.

Detail informations:

  • Specially reinforced carbon fiber fabric for increased hand protection
  • Thumb loop for added security and ease of use
  • Special rubber designed to fit the shape of the hand
  • Length 4.5m and width 5cm for unrivaled wrist support
  • Quick-EZ ™ Velcro closure
  • Protection against minor hand injuries
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced
  • Composition: 30% cotton, 70% nylon
  • 2 pcs in a package

Material Mixed fabric
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