RDX Ankle Bandages

This premium ankle brace is the perfect hybrid of stretch and strength, giving boxers and MMA fighters enough support in the ring and during training. More

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The RDX AB protector will create sufficient ankle support not only during kickboxing, Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, classic boxing, fitbox training, but also in the gym, during fitness activities such as running and during many other sports. The elastic polyester fabric is provided with a skin-friendly structure and ensures the durability of the ankle bandage. The elastic material is compressive and allows the bandage to be easily put on and taken off the legs. The anatomical construction of the orthosis holds the ankle and provides it with the necessary support. The material is sufficiently breathable and will keep your feet dry .

The leg sleeve provides compression for stiff joints in the ankle and significantly relieves tension . Mobility is not restricted and ankle extension and flexion is maintained. Extra strong and very flexible ankle support for athletes. Also ideal for injury prevention and essential for recovery from tendinitis or sprains . Bat design hugs the ankle, special rubber provides increased support.

Product details

  • Polyrastic™ fabric blend for optimal flexibility and wear resistance
  • The unique bat design conforms to the ankle and keeps it in place
  • Ayz-F™ elastic material keeps the bandage in the right place even during the toughest training
  • Slipastic™ easy donning feature for hassle-free on and off
  • Suitable for supporting recovery after sprains, strains and inflammation of tendons and muscles
  • No restrictions on movement
  • Flexible compression fabric
  • Suitable for men, women and children

Tips for choosing a size

If you do not know your size, we recommend that you choose it according to the dimensions listed in the size chart. You can find it in the product images. Measure dimension A approximately 13 cm above the ankle and measure dimension B around the instep.

Sizes S, M are recommended for children from 14 years old or for women.


RDX AB protectors are made of elastic fabric, it is possible to wash them by hand at low temperatures or on a gentle cycle in an automatic washing machine, so as not to damage the elastic fibers. Before each use, it is necessary that the protectors are always completely dry. Drying at high temperatures or in direct sunlight is not suitable.

About the brand

The British company RDX Sports was founded in 1999 in Manchester. The main reason for its creation was to create European competition for American, Japanese and Mexican martial arts-oriented brands. These brands did not meet the needs of the average British fighter in terms of price or quality. RDX has therefore set out on its own path and succeeds in further developing the idea of ​​combat sports and fitness. Today, it is a leading British brand whose high-quality and sophisticated products, at affordable prices, are known all over the world.

Material Polyester
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