Punch Mitts TATAMI Obsidian Focus

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The super lightweight Obsidian Focus Mitts from Tatami Fightgear are designed and manufactured with attention to detail. More

Product code: P00350

The TATAMI Obsidian are made of artificial leather with a matte finish, which ensures durability and longevity. This faux leather has a look and texture that simulates real leather. The padding consists of latex foam, which provides optimal cushioning and protection for both the trainer and the fighter. This foam is designed to absorb shock and minimize the risk of injury. To ensure a comfortable and firm hold, the paws are equipped with a strong belt with a buckle. This allows for easy customization of size and security. The inner side of the paw is equipped with breathable mesh, which helps keep the coach's hands dry even during demanding training sessions. The mesh ensures proper ventilation and wicks away sweat, preventing unpleasant sweating.


  • Matte finish made of artificial leather
  • Latex foam mold
  • Belt with buckle
  • Black design with black dots
  • Breathable mesh on the inside

Material Synthetic leather
Color Black