Cleto Reyes mini glove pendant

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✅ Faithful miniature of the classic Cleto Reyes boxing gloves
✅ Vinyl material
✅ Connected by a cord, suitable for hanging
✅ Made to Cleto Reyes quality standard
✅ Original gift for all boxing enthusiasts)

Product code: P00028

Cleto Reyes Mini Car Boxing Gloves

Bring the boxing spirit to your car with Cleto Reyes mini gloves. These miniature versions of the legendary boxing gloves are made of synthetic leather and connected by a drawstring. They're perfect for hanging in your car, allowing you to express your passion for combat sports on the go. This stylish and iconic accessory is handmade in Mexico and perfectly displays detailed replicas of the real Cleto Reyes gloves.

Detail informations

✔ Faithful miniatures of classic Cleto Reyes boxing gloves
✔ Vinyl material
✔ Connected by a string, suitable for hanging
✔ Made in Cleto Reyes quality standard
✔ An original gift for all boxing enthusiasts

About the brand

The Mexican brand Cleto Reyes has been synonymous with the highest quality workmanship and material of boxing equipment for many years. The products are handmade and verified over the years by fighters from all over the world. The most famous wrestlers associated with the Cleto Reyes brand include Muhammad Ali, who made the brand famous, as well as Many Paquiao, Sugar Rey Leonard and many others.

This legendary brand was created by the Mexican boxer Cleto Reyes Castro, who, based on his invaluable experience in the ring, created some of the best gloves in the world. And so began the story of the very strong Cleto Reyes brand. At the beginning of which there was a need, later a great passion for boxing, and finally dedication to one's work.

Material Synthetic leather
Color Red