PRiDEorDiE Lone Wolf MMA shorts - Size: 2XL

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PRiDEorDiE Lone Wolf training shorts are designed for maximum comfort. More

Product code: P00301-7

When training, you need equipment that allows you to fully focus on your goals. PRiDEorDiE Lone Wolf MMA shorts are designed to provide maximum comfort and support during training and matches. With this outfit, you'll have a sense of freedom and freedom of movement - ideal for any passionate fighter!


  • Elastic waist with drawstring
  • Side slits
  • Inner pocket
  • Elastic material in the crotch (lycra) for freedom of movement
  • Reinforced edging
  • Durable sublimation print
  • Exceptional and uncompromising design
  • 100% polyester microfiber
  • Machine washable (30°)


PRiDEorDiE Lone Wolf men's combat shorts are a universal piece of clothing that will please not only all fighters. These shorts are great for training, the gym and running. Thanks to the elastic waist and drawstring, it fits perfectly on the body, and the inserted lycra in the crotch allows for maximum range of motion.

Special surface treatment and reinforced edges ensure a long life and durability of the material. High-quality sublimation printing guarantees color stability and a perfect appearance. In addition, their design is unmistakable and will entertain you for a long time.

PRiDEorDiE is a French brand focused on designing clothing for MMA since 2005. Their products are designed for fighters, fans and anyone who wants to show off their style while practicing contact sports. The brand is proud of its original hard design of hoodies, t-shirts or compression clothing with typical elements of the sensuality of combat.

PRiDEorDiE Lone wolf MMA shorts are a great choice for every fighter looking for quality and comfortable clothing for their training. These shorts offer a high level of protection and support during hard training and matches. Plus, their wolf-themed design adds strength and determination to your style. If you are looking for MMA shorts that meet your demands for quality, comfort and style, then these Lone Wolf PRiDEorDiE are the right choice!

Material Polyester
Color Black