MMA training and sparring gloves REVGEAR Pro Series MS1 - yellow - Size: S

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✅ Material: cowhide Softech™
✅ Multi-layer RAM Force™ padding
✅ Curved ergonomic shape
✅ Open palm
✅ Reinforced seams and construction
✅ Great for training and sparring
✅ Shaped loops

Product code: P00566-2

Get ready for peak performance with the Revgear Pro Series MS1 Leather Gloves.These gloves are the gloves of choice for top UFC trainers and fighters like Erik Paulson, Chris Leben and Dan Hardy because of their high quality and protection.These include Erik Paulson, Chris Leben, Dan Hardy, Nam Pham, Andre Fili, Andy Young, Alex Caceres and many more. They are made from the highest quality 100% cowhide leather treated with Softech™ technology for increased flexibility.Optimally protects joints and provides ample room for a full hand grip.The anatomical shape and comfortable fit perfectly conforms to the hand. The molded finger loop makes it significantly easier to clench the fist. Multi-layer cushioning uses RAM Force™ technology and protects the entire striking surface, including the side thumb guard.


✔ Material: Made from 100% Softech™ cowhide for flexibility and durability
✔ Protection: Multi-layer RAM Force™ cushioning provides excellent joint protection even on the hardest hits
✔ Design: The glove's curved shape makes it easier to grip and reduces hand fatigue. The open palm provides better ventilation and reduces sweating
✔ Strength: Reinforced seams and construction provide long life without compromising grip strength in grips and sparring
✔ Excellent for training and sparring
✔ Comfort:Contoured finger loops and pre-adjusted shape ensure comfort and easy fist grip
✔ Flexibility:Softech™ material does not restrict movement and allows your hand to reach its full potential

These high quality Pro Series MS1 MMA gloves are very popular with top UFC coaches and fighters including Erik Paulson, Chris Leben, Dan Hardy, Nam Pham, Andre Fili, Andy Young, Alex Caceres and many others. They're made from the finest 100% cowhide leather, treated with Softech™ technology to increase flexibility. Optimal joint protection and plenty of room for a full hand grip.Anatomical shape and tight fit fit perfectly conforms to the hand. Moulded finger loops make it much easier to clench your fist. Multi-layer cushioning uses RAM Force™ technology and protects the entire clubface, including the side thumb guard.

Choice of sizes

For the best fit, measure the circumference of your hand just below the knuckles. It's best to measure both hands and use the larger size when choosing a size.


To ensure that your gloves keep their properties, we have some tips for you. Because Revgear Pro Series MS1 gloves are made from genuine leather, they are susceptible to damage from salts in sweat. So after every workout, wipe down the outside of the gloves and leave them free to dry. You can also use deodorant on the gloves, which will speed up the drying process considerably. Never dry them directly in front of a heat source or in the sun; high temperatures will irreversibly damage the leather and fillers. You can also treat the gloves with a leather conditioner.

About the brand

Revgear, California's original martial arts brand, is a leading innovator and supplier of quality martial arts equipment. The quality of its products is based on the years of experience and innovative practices of Thai martial arts masters. The brand offers premium quality training and fighting equipment and apparel designed for professionals and amateurs alike. Trusted by top athletes and coaches for their durability and safety, Revgear products are specifically designed for use in the world's leading martial arts disciplines, including boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga.

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