MMA gloves ADIDAS Speed - Size: M

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The Adidas Speed ​​MMA Black/Yellow gloves are a top-notch addition to your martial arts gear, bringing an excellent combination of quality materials, innovative technology and stylish design. More

Product code: P00409-1


  • Made of quality microfiber - synthetic leather
  • Speed ​​series
  • Velcro fastening
  • Quick drying lining
  • Perfect fit
  • icomfort+ technology
  • 35 mm thick padding


The velcro closure provides a simple and secure fit of the glove, while the perfect fit and Icomfort+ technology ensure maximum comfort during training. The inside of the glove is lined with quick-drying material, which ensures greater comfort and durability. The lightweight design of the gloves allows for greater speed when hitting. The adidas Speed ​​MMA gloves are ideal for a variety of combat disciplines, including MMA, grappling and freestyle, but are also great for training on the bag and on the mat. The Speed ​​series was developed for those who prefer fast work. The unique construction of padding from the fingertips to the end of the wrist ensures not only comfort, but also optimal support and extends the life of the gloves. This series is ideal for those who want to achieve high speed during training.

Use the chart below to determine the correct glove size/weight:

S = large child's hand/small lady's hand
M = large women's hand/small men's hand
L = normal men's hand
XL = large men's hand

Material Synthetic leather
Color Black