Indoor boxing gloves ADIDAS 2. 0 - Size: M

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Adidas indoor boxing gloves offer excellent wrist support, joint protection and at the same time ensure maximum comfort for successful training. More

Product code: P00402-3


  • 1cm thick padding provides effective joint protection
  • Bandage 100 cm long for strengthening the wrist
  • The gloves are CE approved and meet European safety standards, which ensures a high level of safety
  • Large range of sizes
  • Simple and quick deployment
  • Effective hand protection


Adidas 2.0 inner gel gloves are the optimal choice for anyone looking for reliable protection and strengthening of the hands during training. Made of quality cotton and equipped with 1 cm thick padding, they provide excellent joint protection. The attached 100 cm long bandage provides extra wrist support. CE certified and meeting European safety standards. They are available in a variety of sizes, with the ability to easily determine the correct size using the chart provided.

Use the guide below or the size chart to determine the correct glove size:

XS - child's hand
S- small lady's hand
M - women's hand / small man's hand
L - normal male hand
XL - large men's hand

Material Polyester
Color Black