Hayabusa T3 Stringing Shin Guards - Size: S

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Don't get distracted by moving the pads during your workout, choose the Hayabusa T3, which won't budge thanks to its unique anti-slip system. More

Product code: P00067-6

Take your training to the next level with the T3 Sstringing Shin Guards. Their multi-layered padding adapts to the foot, providing remarkable shock absorption and protection during a strong kick . These shin guards are firmly secured by two adjustable and two elastic straps and together with the silicone balls create a truly perfect non-slip fit. The lightweight open back construction and soft lining will keep you cool and comfortable while sparring.

Comfortable and safe to wear, whether you're attacking or blocking. Flexible and light for optimal mobility and protection . Flexible pre-shaped design that stays in place regardless of training intensity. Ergonomically tailored leg and knee shaping that provides maximum shin and knee protection and support with every block or strike.

The Hayabusa T3 boxing pads are made from the strongest and most durable material available for high performance training, Vylar leather. This material has been developed to meet the most demanding conditions and its durability is higher than the lifetime of genuine leather. Hayabusa equipment is built to last. Attention to detail and craftsmanship ensures a shin guard is as strong and durable as the athletes who use it.

Product details:

  • The adjustable fastening ensures a perfect fit to the body
  • Special anti-slip technology
  • Multi-layer foam protection on the shin and foot for remarkable shock absorption
  • The Vylar® material exterior is virtually indestructible and provides unmatched strength.
  • The pre-curved ergonomic padding conforms to your shin.
  • Very light construction providing maximum safety and comfort
  • Soft fabric lining

Size Tips:

You can find the size chart in the product images. This will help you choose the right size for you. If you are not sure about your choice, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Care of protectors:

Since the Hyabusa T3 Sstringing shin guards are made from Vylar synthetic leather, they are susceptible to damage from the salts and acids contained in sweat. Simple principles of care for them can significantly extend their lifespan. It is important to wipe the protectors from the outside and inside after each training, it is possible to use soapy water and then let them dry slowly. Never dry them directly near a heat source or in the sun. High temperatures can irreversibly damage materials.

About the brand:

Hayabusa has developed a reputation for delving deep into technical data, conducting scientific research studies, and applying feedback from users of their products when developing their products. It is renowned for producing some of the best Jiu-Jitsu products available.

Hayabusa follows the Kaizen philosophy. This system expresses the desire for continuous improvements, which are not realized by one-time big innovative leaps, but by improving even the smallest details. This can only be achieved by challenging the status quo. Investigate every single part of the product and try to improve it. This is what Hayabusa represents.

Material Synthetic leather
Color Black