HAYABUSA Elite Quick Wraps

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36,90 EUR

✅ Easy deployment
✅ Low-profile foam padding
✅ Breathable mesh palm
✅ Mexican-style elastic wrist wrap
✅ Elastic wrist and finger pads
✅ Loops for quick release
✅ Overlock stitching

Product code: P00614

The Hayabusa Elite Quick bandages are the ideal choice for anyone looking for reliable and comfortable hand protection during martial arts training. These wraps are very easy to put on, allowing you to be ready to train in seconds. Thanks to the low-profile foam padding, they effectively absorb shock and protect the joints, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

Breathable mesh palm ensures your hands stay cool and dry even during intense training. The Mexican-style elastic wrist wrap provides secure and firm support, improving stability and performance. The wraps also feature elastic wrist and finger pads, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout your workout. Quick-release loops allow for easy and quick removal of the wraps after exercise. Overlock stitching adds durability, extending the life of these quality gloves.

Made from materials such as neoprene, nylon and polyester, the wraps offer gel padding at the joints, reinforced seams, moisture absorption and machine washability. The soft and comfortable fabric ensures you'll feel great throughout your workout.


- Easy to put on: Putting on these gel wraps is a matter of seconds, allowing you to get ready for your workout quickly
- Low-profile foam padding: This type of padding effectively absorbs shock and protects your joints, reducing the risk of injury
- Breathable mesh palm:Breathable palm material keeps your hands cool and dry even during intense workouts
- Mexican-style elastic wrist wrap:Provides secure and firm support for your wrists, improving stability and performance
- Elastic wrist and finger pads:Provide a comfortable fit regardless of the length of your workout
- Quick-release loops:Allows for easy and quick removal of wraps after exercise
- Overlock stitching:Increased durability due to high quality overlock stitching that extends the life of the wraps
- Material:Neoprene, nylon, polyester
- Features: Gel padding at joints, reinforced seams, moisture absorption, machine washable, soft and comfortable fabric

Material Polyuretan, Polyester
Color Black