Boxing gloves Cleto Reyes Extra Padding - red - Weight of gloves: 16oz

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Keep your hands safe and extra comfortable even during the toughest training. The anatomically shaped Extra Padding training gloves have a 1.2 cm wider layer of padding on the upper part of the hand joints than the standard model. More

Product code: P00020-2

Thanks to this, they will provide more protection during training not only for you, but also for your opponent. They provide the maximum possible safety during every hit. A stitched thumb protects your opponent's eyes and prevents your thumb from breaking or spraining. Another advantage of this model is the extended Velcro cuff, which optimally strengthens the wrist. Of course, there is a water-repellent lining that prevents the filling from getting wet and the glove thus maintains a constant weight.

Thanks to the close-fitting cut, anatomical shape, well-thought-out design and precise manual processing, these gloves have become synonymous with safety.

The Cleto Reyes company has been synonymous with the highest quality workmanship and material of boxing equipment in Mexico for many years. Its products are built on traditions and verified by fighters from all over the world.

Product details:

  • 5 cm padding in the impact area for maximum protection
  • Latex foam padding for superior hand protection
  • Extended velcro cuff for wrist reinforcement
  • A stitched thumb prevents a broken or dislocated thumb and protects the opponent's eyes
  • Made from the highest quality cowhide
  • The waterproof lining prevents the filling from getting wet
  • Patch on the cuff
  • Precision hand-made
  • It meets high quality standards
  • Made in Mexico

Tips for choosing the weight of boxing gloves:

The size of the gloves inside is universal, therefore it is the same for all scales. The weight of boxing gloves is given in ounces worldwide. Generally, the heavier the fighter, the heavier the gloves should be.

Gloves Care:

Since the gloves are made from cowhide, they are susceptible to damage from the salts and acids contained in sweat. Simple principles of care for them can significantly extend their lifespan. It is important to wipe the outside of the gloves after each training session and let them dry slowly. Drying near a heat source or in direct sunlight is not suitable. Gloves must be completely dry before use. We also recommend treating the gloves with a leather preparation.

About the brand:

The Mexican brand Cleto Reyes has been synonymous with the highest quality workmanship and material of boxing equipment for many years. The products are handmade and verified over the years by fighters from all over the world. The most famous wrestlers associated with the Cleto Reyes brand include Muhammad Ali, who made the brand famous, as well as Many Paquiao, Sugar Rey Leonard and many others.

This legendary brand was created by the Mexican boxer Cleto Reyes Castro, who, based on his invaluable experience in the ring, created some of the best gloves in the world. And so began the story of the very strong Cleto Reyes brand. At the beginning of which there was a need, later a great passion for boxing, and finally dedication to one's work.

Material Real leather
Color Red