Children's boxing set RDX

SET! Everything you need for a little warrior in one. 3-piece set for children: Includes a children's´punching bag, 6oz boxing gloves and a hanging swivel chain. More

Product code: P00337

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Looking for a way to let your little ones fill their excess energy in a healthy and fun way? Look no further! This set includes the RDX Kid's Punching Bag along with a swivel chain and 6oz gloves ! This boxing set of smaller dimensions is ideal for children who want to improve their strength, coordination. With durable materials and an elegant design, your child will be able to release their excess energy and enjoy it to the fullest. Give your children the gift of movement and excitement and watch them work their way to a healthier and happier lifestyle!

The bag has an optimal length of 60 feet and a diameter of 28 cm , which is the ideal size for junior hands. Your little hitters will be able to practice with a comfortable and appropriate size that promotes proper punching technique. The inner layer of the bag is made of crushed textile filling , which provides maximum shock absorption. Your little buggers will be able to exercise with full force without risking unpleasant bumps. G-core: Allows kids to practice and improve their hitting technique without worrying about bumps. The G-core is designed to minimize impact forces, protecting little hands from unnecessary strain. Customizable Zippex™ Top : With this innovative feature, your kids can easily adjust the amount of stuff in the bag to their preferences and needs.

Complete set:

This unique set includes not only an RDX® Kids Punching Bag, but also a pair of 6oz Shell-Shock™ Gel Gloves for ultimate comfort and protection for kids' hands. In addition, it also includes a rotating hook for even more varied training.

Punching Bag - Product Details:

  • G-core to minimize impact force
  • Shock-absorbing padding made of shredded textile
  • Maya Hide's high-quality two-layer synthetic leather
  • Dimensions: Length 60 cm and diameter 28 cm
  • Zippex™ upper for customization

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves - Product Details:

  • Lightweight children's sparring gloves
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced
  • Made of high-quality Maya Hide™ synthetic leather
  • Shell Shock GEL™ with high density for maximum shock absorption
  • EVA-LUTION FOAM™ on the outside of the wrist for cushioning, protection and impact reduction
  • QD-1™ moisture wicking lining keeps skin dry, healthy and odor free
  • Quick-EZ™ velcro closure and child-friendly easy donning
  • Unique look and design
  • A fully attached thumb ensures the thumb is protected from injury
Material Synthetic leather