Boxing gloves RDX Rex F4 - Pink

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Boxing gloves RDX F4 withstand even tough training. They are extremely durable and comfortable. More

Product code: P00288

They are made of artificial leather Kalix Skin Mayahide, which has been specially developed for high durability and resistance. Thanks to the inner fabric (satin lining), your hands will be comfortable, the fabric is breathable and pleasant to the touch. The RDX F4 gloves provide a high level of protection against impacts, they have a multi-layer Membrane Grid 2 padding. This is composed of 5 layers that effectively dissipate the force of impacts. Quick EZ Hook and loop fastening system together with the TAKA closure strap system for wrist support and reinforcement.

These gloves will reliably protect your hands in all matches and allow you to concentrate on the technique and power of the blows.

Product details:

  • Membrane Grid 2 multi-layer padding
  • Quick EZ Hook and loop system
  • Inner side in soft satin fabric
  • TAKA closing tape system
  • Suitable for training and sparring
  • Material: Kalix Skin Maya hide leather

Tips for choosing a scale:

When choosing, we recommend following the size chart found in the product images. If you are not sure about your choice, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you. You can also find more tips for choosing the right gloves on our blog.


Since the gloves are made of PU leather, i.e. artificial leather, they are susceptible to damage from salts and acids contained in sweat. Simple principles of caring for them will help you significantly extend their lifespan. It is important to wipe the outside of the gloves after each training session and let them dry slowly. Drying near a heat source or in direct sunlight is not suitable, high temperatures can irreversibly damage both the skin and the filling material.

PU leather, often labeled as eco-leather, looks and feels just like real leather. Polyurethane resin and very fine microfiber are used for production. The advantages of this material include: soft texture, light weight, high durability and easy maintenance.

About the brand:

The British company RDX Sports was founded in 1999 in Manchester. The main reason for its creation was to create European competition for American, Japanese and Mexican martial arts-oriented brands. These brands did not meet the needs of the average British fighter in terms of price or quality. RDX has therefore set out on its own path and succeeds in further developing the idea of ​​combat sports and fitness. Today, it is a leading British brand whose high-quality and sophisticated products, at affordable prices, are known all over the world.

Material Synthetic leather
Color BlackPink