Boxing gloves Fairtex Breathable BGV1BR - Red - Weight of gloves: 16oz

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These gloves provide comfort, breathability and protection thanks to quality leather and the patented Fairtex foam system. More

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The boxing gloves are ergonomically shaped and designed to fit perfectly and securely. Comfortable and flexible for a completely natural fist formation. The fist is ergonomically more closed than usual, i.e. that when making a fist you need to exert less energy to keep the hand in the right position . Absolute professional quality. Muay Thai boxing gloves are made of premium cow leather and filled with a three-layer foam padding developed by Fairtex. This ensures optimal protection of the hands and joints and maximum shock absorption.

Product details:

  • Premium cowhide
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • 3 layers of foam core filling
  • Satin lining
  • Velcro fastening on the wrist
  • Suitable for training Muay Thai, boxing and other martial arts

Material Real leather
Color Red