Boxing gloves ADIDAS Hybrid 250 - Blue - Weight of gloves: 12oz

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The innovative fastening mechanism, DUO SPEED, combines elastic webbing and Velcro, which facilitates quick stabilization of the wrist. More

Product code: P00452-1


- Multi-layer padding
- Double DUO SPEED velcro fastening for firm wrist support
- Anatomical pre-shaping
- Ventilation panels
- Suitable for advanced fighters
- Material: synthetic leather FLX 3.0

Product description:

The Hybrid 250 gloves are top combat gloves for demanding fighters. They are made of durable FLX 3.0 synthetic leather, which combines protection and comfort. Thanks to the multi-layer inner padding, which is composed of several layers of latex and PUR foams of different densities, they not only provide excellent protection against blows, but also ensure maximum comfort during training or matches. The DUO SPEED fastening is an innovative feature that provides perfect support and stability to your wrist , thanks to the combination of rubber webbing and Velcro fastening. Ventilation panels guarantee moisture removal. . The glove's anatomical pre-shaped model is designed to maximize your performance, enabling fast and hard strikes with minimal effort. The Hybrid 250 gloves are the ideal choice for advanced fighters who expect performance, quality and reliability in their choice of combat gloves.

Material Synthetic leather
Color Blue