Boxing gloves RIVAL RS 60V 2.0 Workout - black - Weight of gloves: 16oz

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At all levels, from beginners to professional fighters, sparring is one of the most anticipated and exciting parts of any boxing training session. The RS60V boxing gloves are created precisely with this fact in mind, perfectly meeting the needs of all beginners to intermediate athletes. More

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Rival RS60V sparring gloves are developed on the same principles as top professional sparring gloves. They have a 4 cm high layer of molded foam padding and a large impact area for maximum protection. With the RS60V gloves you get all the important features you are looking for in quality sparring gloves.

Product details:

  • Made of premium synthetic leather
  • Iconic design
  • 4 cm high molded PU foam
  • Updated and improved Rival graphics
  • Tapered cuff design


Since our sparring gloves use a layered combination of foams as well as different densities, we strongly recommend that you "try out" your new sparring gloves on the bag and/or striking gloves for at least 10 to 20 minutes prior to sparring use. col.

Recommendations for choosing a scale:

When choosing the right glove size, we recommend the circumference of the hand as the main guide. The boxer's weight should only serve as a secondary guide. All dimensions and weights are approximate and are for reference only. If you need help with the selection, contact us, we will be happy to help you.

About the Rival brand:

"At Rival, we believe that while other companies are marketers trying to break into the world of boxing, we pride ourselves on being boxing people trying to break into the world of business."

From the beginning, the Rival brand has been focused on the high end of the professional boxing market. There are countless budget brands out there, but Rival's aim is to produce the best possible quality gloves and equipment that can be used with confidence by all top amateurs, professionals and gyms.

Material Synthetic leather
Color Black