Boxing gloves Hayabusa T3 - Black/Grey

🥊 Dual-X® clamping system
🥊 Velcro fastening in both directions
🥊 4x Fusion Splinting
🥊 Palm support for wrist alignment
🥊 Temperature regulating AG™ fabric lining
🥊 Soft material on thumb
🥊 Multi-layer foam technology (Deltra-EG™)
🥊 Highly durable Vylar® leather
🥊 More

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Technology for joint protection

Joints are also protected from damage with Deltra-EG™, this technology offers extensive joint protection with multiple layers of foam. The Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves feature a durable construction that is comfortable for long-term wear. They are made from only the highest quality materials. The artificial Vylar leather has been developed specifically for extreme stress and is more durable than classic genuine leather. Whatever level you box at, you want a glove you can rely on. The design of these boxing gloves is ideal for sparring, training on the traps, or simply just bagging.

Best Dual-X® plus 4x Fusion Splinting

Do you want maximum wrist protection? Hayabusa T3 gloves represent the ultimate in innovative design and safety for boxing and combat sports. Their best-of-breed closure system, known as Dual-X®, along with 4x Fusion Splinting, provides maximum support and stability during training or matches. This system ensures a firm and secure fit with the double wrist strap. This eliminates the risk of glove slippage and minimizes the risk of injury associated with inaccurate fitting.

Even more protection

The combination of the Dual-X® system with 4x Fusion Splinting provides an even higher level of protection and support. This technology uses four specially shaped splints that are built into the glove around the knuckles. These splints increase stability and protect the joints from potential injuries during tough practices or games. The combination of these technologies not only makes the Hayabusa T3 glove a top choice for professional fighters, but also provides amateurs and recreational athletes with maximum safety, comfort and performance in every training session or match.

Excellent gadget - Sweat Thumb

Everyone knows it, after a while of training you start to sweat and sweat runs from your forehead to your eyes... Well, yes, if you do any sport other than boxing, it may not be a problem. You just take a towel, sleeve, shirt, hand (just anything) and wipe the sweat off. But you have gloves on your hands, so what about it? Fortunately, on your hands you can wear just the Hayabusa T3 gloves with sweat thumbs. These allow for effective sweat absorption! This feature is very useful during intense workouts when you're sweating and need to quickly remove sweat from your forehead so it doesn't obscure your vision or interfere with concentration. The Hayabusa T3 sweat thumb gloves thus provide a practical solution for athletes to combat sweat and maintain optimal comfort during training.

Ventilation holes

Do your palms sweat when you work out? Ventilation holes in the palm ensure airflow and ensure your maximum comfort. The fact that the material in the palm is the same as the rest of the glove (not replaced by mesh) makes the glove more robust, stronger overall and makes your hand more stable and protected. The ventilation system as well as the ergonomic design translates into freedom of movement, which also increases comfort. You can hardly feel the gloves on your hands, when you put them on your hands, you will feel like you are wearing a second skin.

What's more, their quality and performance is clearly demonstrated by their double award from Men's Health Magazine for the best boxing gloves in 2019/2020.


Material Synthetic leather
Color Black/grey