Cleto Reyes Boxing Compression Hand Wraps

Boxerské kompresní bandáže na ruce Cleto Reyes
Boxerské kompresní bandáže na ruce Cleto Reyes

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Cleto Reyes elastic boxing bandages are designed to give your hands maximum support and flexibility. More

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They have an extra-standard length and thanks to this they optimally strengthen the hand and wrist and thus protect you against injury. Thanks to the composition of the material, they are breathable and quick-drying. It is suitable for use in all contact sports. They have a thumb loop and a long velcro for easy use.

Detail informations:

  • Dimensions 5 m x 5 cm
  • Flexible material
  • Extra length for extra reinforcement
  • Thumb loop
  • Finished with Velcro
  • Quick drying and breathable
  • Protection against minor hand injuries
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced
  • Original Mexican design
  • Made in Mexico
  • Bandages are supplied in pairs

Tips for choosing:

Hand bandages are available in many variants, their choice depends on your preferences. Elastic materials are recommended for greater strengthening, and cotton bandages are used for classic strengthening. The absorbency of the material is also an important factor in the selection, i.e. non-elastic cotton bandages absorb sweat a little better, but they take longer to dry. Choose those with a thumb loop and velcro fastening, it will make bandaging your hand easier.


The product is recommended to be washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C. It must be allowed to dry completely before further use. Drying at high temperatures or in direct sunlight is not suitable.

About the brand:

The Mexican brand Cleto Reyes has been synonymous with the highest quality workmanship and material of boxing equipment for many years. The products are handmade and verified over the years by fighters from all over the world. The most famous wrestlers associated with the Cleto Reyes brand include Muhammad Ali, who made the brand famous, as well as Many Paquiao, Sugar Rey Leonard and many others.

This legendary brand was created by the Mexican boxer Cleto Reyes Castro, who, based on his invaluable experience in the ring, created some of the best gloves in the world. And so began the story of the very strong Cleto Reyes brand. At the beginning of which there was a need, later a great passion for boxing, and finally dedication to one's work.

Material Mixed fabric
Color Beige