BioTech USA L-Arginine 300g unflavoured

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High concentration of L-arginine in one capsule for maximum support of Nitride Oxide formation. More

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BioTech L-Arginine is 100% pure L-Arginine in powder form without flavor. This substance supports protein synthesis, the creation of nitric oxide (NO) in the body. One of the key effects of NO is to promote vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) and relaxation of blood vessels, thereby helping to maintain vascular elasticity. It also supports protein synthesis, the creation of nitric oxide NO in the body. Larginine is a non-essential amino acid that is naturally produced in the pituitary gland, the body can make it by itself. However, during intensive training, its need increases considerably, and the body is not able to produce the necessary amount. Therefore, it is advisable to supply the body with an additional external source of L-arginine in the form of a nutritional supplement.

Like all other Biotech products, this one is made only from quality, carefully selected ingredients.

Product details

  • flavorless powder
  • p resistance to NO formation (nitric oxide)
  • acceleration of protein synthesis
  • from improved blood circulation
  • supporting the maintenance of vascular elasticity
  • reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases
  • supports fat burning
  • improving the function of the immune system
  • supporting the growth of muscle mass and strengthening bones
  • maintaining healthy blood sugar levels

Recommended dosage

Mix 1 dose (2 g = half a scoop = half a tablespoon) of the preparation with 400 ml of water or another beverage. You can take 2 servings a day on training days and rest days. Training days: one portion approximately 30 minutes before training and the other before bed. Rest days: one serving between meals and another at bedtime.

The benefits of using L-Arginine cover a wide range of areas. Among the most significant are the reduction of the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the reduction of body fat. L-arginine also promotes fat burning, improves immune system function and has antioxidant and energizing effects. This nutritional supplement is suitable for both men and women. Furthermore, it supports the growth of muscle mass, strengthens bones and reduces blood pressure and the formation of blood clots in blood vessels.