BioTech USA Creatine PH-X 90 capsules

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    Experience the revolutionary power of creatine, which will significantly increase your physical performance during short and intense training sessions! Our latest innovation, Creatine pH-X, contains an optimal daily dose of 3000 mg of buffered creatine, key to reaching your maximum potential. Already using 3 g of creatine you will feel its benefits.

    Product details:

    • Explosive power and performance: With our product you will reach a whole new level of power and performance, allowing you to exceed all expectations.
    • No long charging period: Creatine pH-X is characterized by a fast onset of effects without the need for a long charging period, so you will soon feel its full effects.
    • Improved efficiency: Our innovative formulation offers greater efficiency than classic creatine, allowing you to achieve maximum results and progress in your training.
    • Ideal for intense interval training: Creatine pH-X is your partner during demanding interval training, where quick recovery of energy and full commitment play a key role.

    Recommended dosage: Take 5 capsules daily, ideally 30 minutes before training for optimal results. With our scientifically proven formulation, you'll get the support you need to achieve peak performance.

    Get ready for a new era of training with Creatine pH-X and reveal your body's true potential!