Bag gloves RIVAL RFX-Guerrero-SF-H/black

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Rival RFX-Guerrero-SF-H handmade sack gloves with real horsehair padding. More

Product code: P00432

This classic glove with horsehair padding fits your hands perfectly. Designed and modified for bag use, the glove features an innovative Hook & Loop V-Strap for a secure fit.

The SF-H version of the RFX-Guerrero-V Bag Glove, which is handcrafted from only the finest cowhide, offers a more traditional approach. Referred to as the "puncher's glove", these sack gloves combine the cushioning power of foam with a layer of stitched horsehair, a proven material for years, for the best protection of your hand. Low density polyurethane foam lamination adds texture to the leather and gives them a soft "smashed" feel.

Product details:

  • Internal low density foam padding (SF-H)
  • A quilted layer of horsehair padding
  • Premium quality leather
  • Rival's V-Strap Wrist Lock 2 System
  • Fastening the cuff at an angle of 15°
  • Rival printed and embroidered graphics


These bag gloves should never be used for sparring or striking another person. They are designed specifically for use in bags and laps only. The horsehair used in the construction of these sack gloves is hard and therefore the gloves are not intended for sparring.

Size chart

Boxer weight Gloves weight
Up to 67 kg 8 oz

More than 67

10 oz


Material Real leather
Color Black

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