Bag Gloves ADIDAS Response

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31 EUR

✅ Full thumb cover
✅ Material: 100% PU Duratec (Maya Nubuck-II synthetic leather)
✅ Climacool technology: for moisture and airflow control.
✅ MHF foam padding: for maximum safety
✅ Elastic closure: 2.5 cm wide for user comfort
✅ Use: Training on punching bags

Product code: P00618

These sack gloves are made of tough and durable PU, specifically Maya Nubuck-II synthetic leather, which ensures durability and wear resistance. The gloves use Climacool technology to regulate moisture and provide optimal airflow, keeping your hands dry and comfortable. The foam padding is designed for maximum safety and optimal hand protection. For an easy and comfortable fit, the gloves have a 2.5 cm wide elasticated fastening.

Product features:

-Material: 100% PU Duratec (Maya Nubuck-II synthetic leather)
-Climacool Technology: For moisture management and airflow
-MHF foam padding: Ensures maximum safety and hand protection
-Elastic closure: 2.5 cm wide for user comfort

Which martial arts are the adidas Response bag gloves suitable for?

The adidas Response gloves are ideal for all athletes who want to train on a punching bag, whether it's boxing, kickboxing, MMA or other combat sports.

What size adidas Response sack gloves do I need?

- S/M: Suitable for women's or children's hand
- L/XL: Suitable for men's hand

Tips for use

When training, always use bandages or inner gloves to strengthen and protect your hands. This simple step can greatly reduce the risk of injury and improve your performance.

Material Synthetic leather
Color Black